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2 Meals
Per day for 5 days

from £50


3 Meals
Per day for 5 days

from £65


4 Meals
Per day for 5 days

from £80




Meals made Fresco

Fresco Box offer a wide range of services, such as meal preparation, Nutritional advice, Personal training and fitness Programmes.

We are all too familiar with the ongoing struggle of eating healthy, especially when that means sacrificing taste and limiting how much we eat.  At Fresco Box our meals are not only healthy, but are delicious and plentiful too!

We’re excited for you to try our delicious selection of healthy foods, changing regularly so you’ll never get bored.

Is Fresco Box right for me?

Do you work long hours? Struggle to find time to eat on your lunch breaks? Want to improve your diet and overall health? or just love deliciously nutritious food? Then Fresco Box is for you.

We cater for most dietary requirements, and our focus is to you, the customer.


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How does it work?

1. Choose a meal plan

2. Select from our menu

3. Place your order

4. Delivered straight to you!


What’s on the menu?

Just had the most amazing lunch in fresco box, gluten free and healthy and I’m really full.

Kharris Macey

A proper happy, buzzing enviroment.!! I left in a better mood ..100%.!! The food is also spot on.

Vikki March

Lots of great advice about the vegan diet and gave me some food to sample and it was lush! Keep an eye out for these guys.

Justin Lee Solley

I have tried almost every other prep food company out there and the quality of the food was second to none!

Liam Hixson

Fresco box has helped me free up precious time that I would have spent in my kitchen and ensures I’m hitting my goals.

Alison Story PT

Just got my weeks meal prep and had the shredded beef! Lovely flavour and very convinient! Sweet chilli chicken tonight cant wait!!

Charlie Nally

The shredded beef and Macaroni is unreal deffo my fave meal!

Danny Denver

Very quick and convenient for people with busy life styles, portion size is just right.

Demi Christina Gullen

Great food, so many choices and all really healthy…tastes amazing too! Staff are very helpful and passionate about the food they make.

Nicholas Hawkes

The food is amazing, I would highly recommend them over any other food prep company.

Steven Forsdick

Or call us on
01702 343 310